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Insightful, expert advice based on search results is critical when making business decisions about entering or bringing products into a new market. Our search department offers some of the most comprehensive and qualified risk analysis in the industry. Whether you are seeking to register a new trademark or want to ensure that use of your mark is risk free our experts can provide you with advice you can count on to mitigate your risks, assess the viability of registering your mark, and defend your mark against infringers or accusations of infringement. With over 12,000 trademark searches including, searches for word mark, device mark, slogan mark, and trade dress, conducted over the years our team are truly experts in the field. 
Should a potentially conflicting mark be identified, it is usually necessary to investigate further to determine whether the mark is in use, to better understand the nature of the goods or services sold under the mark, the marketing channels it is sold in, to ascertain the status of any pending applications and registrations, and to learn the status or outcome of any prior disputes involving the same mark. Our in house investigators excel at uncovering the true risks and/or opportunities to overcome prior conflicting marks. 
No-one understands the highly conservative Thai Trademark Office’s practices better, we know the subtleties of their practices, and when and how some practices may seem contrary to the letter of the law. This allows us to help our clients navigate the registration process or unregistered use of their mark, prevent infringement, and defend against claims of infringement successfully.


From research and development through to testing and finally deployment the investment in a new invention or product can run into hundreds of millions of dollars, from the moment you release your product it is in danger of being reverse engineered and copied. Ensuring you can reap the rewards of your investment is the job of patents. Before making an investment in a new invention it is important to understand what is currently in the market, the last thing you want is to make an investment and to find that somewhere in the global marketplace someone else has registered a previous patent which could jeopardize your investment or incur huge legal expenses to overcome. Satyapon & Partners expert researchers can make sure the research line you have chosen to pursue is clear for patenting and/or identify undeveloped markets you can exploit. 
If you are considering entering or bringing products into to the markets of Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar or Vietnam your first decision should be to conduct a proper search.

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