Major Raid of Infringing Goods in Thailand

Roughly a week ago, in the early evening hours, members of the Economic Crime Division of the Royal Thai Police, and the Department of Intellectual Property executed a blitz raid exercising warrants against 5 infringing shops both openly selling, and selling goods in either hidden back rooms or concealed spaces in Bangkok’s infamous Patpong tourist area.

The highly successful raid confiscated roughly 2,000 pieces of both fake and imitation goods on behalf of the clients of Satyapon and Partners. The street value of the goods seized is estimated at USD 350,000 with goods seized selling between USD 50 to USD 300 per item, however the monetary impact against the clients is harder to ascertain as the goods seized represent anywhere between USD 3,500,000 to USD 7,000,000 in potential revenue lost, as the genuine goods sell between USD 1000 – USD 6000 with some items exceeding USD 10,000. The removal of these goods from the Thai marketplace is a major win for all genuine brand owners in the Kingdom, and reinforces Thailand’s commitment to cleaning up IP infringement.
The Satyapon and Partners enforcement team is particularly proud of the execution against one highly sophisticated infringer whose hidden sales room was very professional, one could call it a shop within a shop. Ducking through a small door at the back of the shop to see “the good stuff”, investigators arrived in a well-appointed room with built in shelving and recessed lighting displaying shelf after shelf of counterfeit high-end lady’s hand bags and luggage from almost every famous, high-end fashion house on the planet. 
We would like to take this opportunity to thank the hard working members of the Economic Crime Division and the Department of Intellectual Property for their professionalism and dedication to IP enforcement in the Kingdom.

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