“Lazada” is cooperating with the DIP to solve the issue of counterfeit products

“Lazada” is cooperating with the Department of Intellectual Property (DIP) to solve the counterfeit product issues on their website after customers filed many complaints with the DIP that they bought products and found that the products bore either counterfeited or imitated trademarks.

Lazada confirmed that they have implemented a customer complaint process allowing customers to file a complaint directly with them via both their website and smartphone application. Additionally, right holders need only register their rights once and they can blow the whistle anytime. The DIP and Lazada hope that these changes by a market leading online marketplace would inspire other websites to follow suit and implement their own preventative measures for counterfeit products.
The Director General of the DIP, Mr. Tossapol Tungsubut, said that the DIP invited the executives of the Lazada Group, the owners of the huge distributor website, to consult and find solutions to the problem after the DIP received many complaints that products purchased on the website were not genuine. There were many complaints about the selling of goods bearing counterfeited trademarks that resulted in damages to consumers who expected genuine goods, which is, of course, also highly detrimental to lawful entrepreneurs.
The meeting resulted in Lazada’s full cooperation on this matter and the implementation of the complaint process for consumers to report on the selling of counterfeit products on the Lazada website including within the Lazada Application. The system to enables IP owners, mainly trademarks and copyright, to register on their IP Protection Portal (IPP) just once and after that they can blow the whistle about IP infringement on the Lazada website anytime.
This cooperation demonstrates a collaboration between the government, private sectors and IP owners which helps protect not only the IP owners but also online consumers from counterfeit goods. It will also bolster consumer confidence in online purchasing which should lead to greater interest in buying more clothes, accessories and daily products online.
The collaboration with Lazada also encourages other websites to seriously consider solving their own online infringement problems.
The DIP, as the government department dealing with prevention of IP infringement, will closely cooperate with Lazada, Thai and foreign IP owners, and also relevant government departments to support this project effectively. They will also be arranging practical seminars to disseminate knowledge about the solutions for preventing and solving IP infringement issues on websites concretely and sustainably.

This is a loose translation of the original press release issued by the Department of Intellectual Property (DIP) Thailand.


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