Satyapon & Partners


Satyapon & Partners Limited is one of only a handful of law firms in Thailand to have its own in house investigation team.

We have three attorneys dedicated full time to investigations.

All the members of this team handle a mind boggling volume of actions per year. Our lead investigator, has been our Head of Enforcement for over 20 years, and we are pretty confident he has handled more police raids and customs seizures than any attorney currently practicing in Thailand. He may well be the career record holder in the history of the Kingdom, having been directly involved in well over 16,000 raids/seizures in his long career at the firm. His team travels extensively throughout the country rooting out infringers in every major market on behalf of our clients.

The work of his team is critical in building cases both for our clients and against infringers, and their thorough investigations put a great deal of weight behind our Cease and Desist letters when clients try to resolve the matter out of court. In many instances of infringement, a well-researched cease and desist letter can effectively prevent infringement of IP rights.

Whether it is online investigative work on popular social media sales channels or online marketplaces, gathering physical evidence through trap purchases for a market raid, or physically tracking an infringer to a supplier, our team can build a solid case to stop the infringement.

Our team works very closely with the various branches of the Police, Department of Special Investigation, Enforcement Division of the Department of Intellectual Property, Customs, and Public Prosecutors.

We handle more than 1,200 police raids/customs seizures a year, we also send more than 200 cease and desist letters per year. The basis for these actions and the volume is a testament to the abilities of our crack team of investigators.

Whether you have a specific target you need stopped, or simply want a market investigation to determine whether you need to take action in the Thai marketplace, our team can provide the comprehensive reports you need through thorough investigation.