Satyapon & Partners


We are enforcement in Thailand.

Enforcement Services:

Our in-house investigation and enforcement team excels at IP enforcement and contentious matters both locally and in cross jurisdictional cases, and has successfully shut down infringing websites, retail shops, wholesale distributors and factories, including one in mainland China in 2018. Our firm executes more raids each year than any other firm in Thailand working very closely with the Royal Thai Police, Customs and the Department of Special Investigations (DSI).

How effective is your enforcement team? Since inception we have been directly responsible for the removal of over 100 million USD in infringing goods (retail value) from the Thai and surrounding jurisdictions marketplaces. Our team has conducted over 2,000 customs seizures, over 16,000 police raids and now averages over 1,200 raids per year, which is almost 5 raids per working day. We have shuttered over 50 factories, closed down over 500 retail locations, taken down over 1,000 websites and social media selling channels and the list goes on.

We also excel at preventative measures sending countless cease and desist letters, maintaining exceptional watch services and successfully reaching out of court settlements in a long list of highly contentious matters.

Key Practitioners

Satyapon Sachdecha | Managing Partner
Kritsana Mingtongkhum | Partner
Suppadech Jamjirawat | Senior Associate