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We excel at contentious litigation.

Copyright Services:

Copyright has come under major attack with the advent of the digital age, the ease and sheer volume of information sharing platforms represents a constant challenge to right holders in protecting their works. Satyapon & Partners is a recognized leader in the field recently being awarded the Copyright Firm of the Year Thailand by the AsiaIP Awards. We offer the full spectrum of protection in the copyright field and also understand where and when copyright can be utilized to protect unregistered trademarks and designs. We are a market leader in the area of logos and have many high profile packaging clients.

Software, in particular video games are a key market segment our team is highly experienced in, we excel at taking down infringing servers hosting pirated versions of our client’s popular games in Thailand and abroad.

We also have many clients in the fine arts from paintings, sculpture, music and literature to more modern métiers such as film, photography, fashion design and video production.

We offer our clients high quality advice on copyrightability, fair use, infringement, ownership and foreign protection. Executing title searches, recordals, cease and desist letters, and rights clearance. Drafting and negotiating agreements from simple licensing and assignments to complex joint development and distribution agreements.

Key Practitioners

Satyapon Sachdecha | Managing Partner
Kritsana Mingtongkhum | Partner

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