Call for Continued Reform and Investment in IP Framework on heels of Election

It is good to see Intellectual Property continuing to be a hot topic in Thailand.

The fact that the day after the election in Thailand, with no new government formally announced, one of the country’s leading newspapers is running an article on the front page of its business section calling for whatever new government is formed to continue the good work in the area of IP sends a clear message that Thailand is taking IP very seriously these days.
As we have reported before, the last 3 years have been very important for genuine rights holders and the IP framework in Thailand. With the new Trademark Amendment already in force which led to accession to the Madrid Protocol, the Copyright Amendments now officially in force only 15 days ago paving the way for accession to the Marrakesh Treaty, and Patent Amendments being in their final stages of legislative approval, it has been a very important period for IP in the Kingdom.
Economics is the key driving force as Ellen Szymanski, Executive Director of the US Chamber of Commerce’s Global Innovative Policy Centre, elucidated in the article by the Nation:
“Continued efforts from the government are what foreign investors see as most important when investing in a country’s IP assets”


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